Caterham Roadtrip!

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An epic journey from Atlanta, Georgia to Genova, Italy – by way of Paris, London, Dover, Reims, Champagne, Lyon, Sansicario, and Asti. 7,500 km flying 100 km in trains 1,486 km driving The mission – to bring my little Caterham 7 140 Roadsport from Sevens & Classics at Brands Hatch in the UK, home to Genova, Italy. I started the journey after a trip for work to the US. Thursday was a digitalisation workshop with 24 executives at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, followed by a couple of hours…read more


“Open Up – This is the Police”

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Mostly my stays in hotels are OK.  I occasionally have to go back down to the lobby when my keycard doesn’t work, or (like this week in Munich) I get less sleep than I’d like because thousands of Oktoberfesters sing in the street until the early hours.  Like I said – not a big problem. Sometimes though shit happens that not only ruins the trip, but also makes you wonder if we aren’t living in a simulation… A couple of weeks ago I visited Chicago – a splendid city that…read more


Targeted Ads

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We all know that our online activities are used to send us tailored or targeted advertising – right? In a recent episode of Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything, I learned that those ads work not because they trigger a latent desire or confirm an internal image we have of ourselves, but rather because they represent an external perspective wthat e find flattering. We’re more likely to buy the product because we respond positively to the fact that we are considered sporty enough for Google’s algorithm to offer us those skis,…read more


To San Jose…

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This is more of a boast than a beef.  I may have set my new record for ridiculous business travel.  OK check this out : Monday Genova -> Rome -> Detroit -> Phoenix Tuesday -> Salt Lake City -> San Jose Wednesday -> Cupertino -> Santa Cruz -> Los Angeles Thursday -> Paris -> Genova