Between Jackson Hole and Genova…

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I’m not one to make a mountain out of a molehill, but getting back home from Jackson ruined what was an otherwise excellent trip.

With no car at the moment, the journey over was somewhat laborious : a lift to the station; train from Genova to Milano; subway to the suburbs and an overnight stay with cousins; subway to Linate; flight to Munich; flight to Houston; Uber; workshop with Deloitte; Uber; flight to Denver; meet-up with Bill; flight to Jackson Hole.

Jackson was glorious and productive. I left on Saturday morning, mountain time with a drive in Bill’s car through the Grand Teton National Park to the airport. The flight to Denver was uneventful – arriving at 3pm, but a broken indicator light on the landing gear put the plane to Munich out of commission. It took 9 hours to get a replacement and we finally took off in the early hours of Sunday.

We landed at Munich at 5.30pm and rebooked on the last flight to Italy, which was delayed until 11.30pm by an unruly, drunk 60-year old Milanese man wearing a yellow Boy London sweater and Nike Jordans.

Landing in Malpensa at 1pm without a car doesn’t give you many options, but in a rare stoke of luck there was a bus leaving for the Central Station where I was able to book a hotel room for the night.

From Milano Centrale, it was a simple case of train + train to Genova Sturla, and a couple of km walk back home.

Door to door : 2 days, minus the time difference = 40 hours… all during the weekend. Bargain.